Scouting for Everyone

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The Scouting for Everyone Committee (SfE) acts under The Scout (Junák) Executive Board for program. Its aim is to support work with children with special needs in Scout (Junák).

Children with special needs are considered those who are aurally, visually, physically or mentally disabled; children with various disorders, such as diabetics, epileptics, autistics; children with behavioural disturbances, hyperkinetic disorder as well as the socially handicapped ones.

Our Mission

The Mission of Scouting for Everyone is to support the leaders as well as the whole Units in keeping up and optimizing conditions for children with special needs within Scout (Junák).

It means in particular:

  1. creating, keeping up and developing instruments to secure this support
  2. linking with all (somehow connected) Scout (Junák) Committees, groups and projects towards its implementing into the educational and pedagogical system of the Organization.
  3. informing and educational support in the Movement (concerning problems of children with special needs)
  4. searching and using innovations and foreign experiences; supporting cooperation between integrative Units and other specialized local organizations; professional cooperation and initiative while encouraging equal opportunities in Scout (Junák); departmental opposition to newly arising materials; supporting and coordination of Scout (Junák) activities for children, youth or other people with special needsCoky_02

Support instruments

Scouting for Everyone Committee (SfE) provides various forms of whole Units’ and Unit leaders’ support to integrate children with special needs into Scout Units or Scout Groups in a way:

  • To offer support to leaders (thus to all Units) and let their participation at their discretion (depending on their possibilities)
  • That offers to the Units respected their possibilities (especially the personal ones)
  • To keep using the Scout methods as much as possible
  • To strengthen the solidarity and respect among children within Units
  • To enable leaders to have an appropriate education and to have enough information to be able to recognize various handicaps, and to consider their own attitudes and energy for the work with children with special needs
  • To enable leaders (having children with special needs among their members) to have a possibility of consultation with a professional – in long-term prospective; that the Units with disabled children have adequate support in the Committee; or that the Committee would pass them a contact to specialized local organizations, if needed.
  • That the inclusive approach become more and more accepted by Unit leaders and become known and familiar within the whole Movement

“Scouting for Everyone” Initiative

It is possible to find the initial thoughts of Scouting for Everyone Committee (SfE) in the” Scouting for Everyone” Initiative, which in the long term aims a general openness and readiness of Scout (Junák) and its Units to accept all children and to work with them in various Scout Units.

This intention must be first confirmed by Scout (Junák) as a strategy decision if it were supposed to spread into the whole organization. That is why activities and authorisation of SfE Committee are connected with specific and limited mandate, defined by Scout (Junák) Executive Board. This mandate is determined by the basic document of SfE Committee, which focuses in particular on the support of the work with the children with special needs, who has already been members of Scout Units.

SfE Board

SfE Board is a kind of supervisory organ of SfE Team. It is a group of 4 specialists on inclusion and working with children with special needs, making an attempt to integrate this topic (of children with special needs) into Scout (Junák).

The Board follows the work and methods of SfE Team. They also follow and control priorities, long-term and short-term objectives – to be in accord with Program and Strategic Document of SfE. They meet with the Chief of SfE Team, ca. once every three months. During their meetings recent activities are evaluated, the execution of the set up objectives (defined in Strategy) is controlled; it is evaluated and controlled whether the Team doesn´t turn away from the general mission and the vision of the project. Then actual ideological topics (which occur within Team activity) are discussed; the stand on them is taken and recommendations for the SfE Team as well as for the Board are made. They possibly come with their own topics, initiative and anything that the Team/Scout (Junák) should focus on.