For Leaders

Pro vedouciWhen supporting the integration of children with special needs into Scout Units, the Scouting for Everyone (SfE) Committee focuses primarily on the Units which have already been attended by these children. They offer them a scale of supportive instruments.

What we offer (for all leaders)

  • Educational course “The Advantage of Disadvantage”
  • A possibility to participate in an international meeting of Unit leaders (from Units attended by children with special needs)
  • Other thematic courses (apart from the elementary one “The Advantage of Disadvantage”) – you can sign in for other courses, which are organized during the year (the social disadvantage, meetings of Unit leaders, who work with children with specific needs, etc.)
  • Consulting the work with children with special needs – for the Units where a child with special need should enter and the Unit wants to be well prepared for that, or in the Units where they have already been having such a child, but they haven´t succeeded in her integration into the group. We offer a possibility to write us at our advisory centre: We will pass a contact on a specialist who may give an advice or suggest specific steps to follow. We will send tips or references to interesting materials, where it is possible to find further information or contacts on “experienced Units”.
  • “The Advantage of Disadvantage” manual – describes the basic areas of children special needs, shows specific examples and describes everything with respect to Scout Units activities; and how to appropriately communicate and work with these children.
  • a help with obtaining financial resources – we help Units to obtain special financial resources, which would help with the successful integration of the child with special needs (eg. for building barrier-free access to the Scout clubroom/clubhouse)
  • Consultations before organizing a larger project – eg. the Units planning to organize a larger project/ event, which is somehow connected with the topic of the work with children with special needs (Whole Scout Group Game, implementation of the topic into the Patrol or Unit meetings during one month, program for children from asylums or socially excluded locality,…). Before starting organizing such event, we offer them to consult their plans.
  • Program for the Scout Group events and others. If the Units are interested in organizing a larger program on topic connected with work with children with special needs on an Scout Group event or on a leader´s meeting of your district or region, we are able to arrange such event (after prior agreement).
  • List of films – topic: people with special needs
  • Library and Electronic library